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  • Pure, 100% maple syrup available in northeast WI and El Paso, TX! 
  • Taste the expertise of 5 generations!
  •  Produced in small batches using “Old World” skills.
  •  Over 30% savings compared to local supermarkets.
  •  Your purchase supports a small, family operation.
  • Proud member of the Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers Association 
  • New in 2013: Organic Honey! Yes, we are now successful bee keepers.

    The term "sugar bush" refers to a sugar maple forest where sap is harvested to produce maple syrup. The structure where the maple sap is boiled to make syrup is often called a sugar shack.

Maples are tapped in early spring when the weather has warmed so that day-time temperatures are above freezing (32 °F) while night-time temperatures remain below freezing. Typically, there is snow cover on the ground during the tapping period. The supply of maple sap ceases when night-time temperatures stay above freezing. In summer, a healthy maple sugar bush is luxuriant and shady and autumn leaves are very colorful.

Krueger's Sugar Bush
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