Krueger's Sugar Bush

How We Do It!

Unlike producers who use fuel oil or propane, we prefer a traditional wood fire. This is more environmentally-friendly since we use wood from our forest instead of fossil fuel.

Gerald "Jack" Krueger tests the specific gravity with a hydrometer to determine when the batch is complete.
After a long, cold Wisconsin winter, we eagerly await the maple syrup season each spring. Highly dependent on the weather, this is usually during the month of March around Tigerton. Warm days (above 40F) and cold nights (below freezing) cause the sap to run. This clear, barely sweet liquid is captured in plastic bags or covered pails and collected by an army of helpers daily.
Maple Syrup Facts:
  • It takes about 35 gallons to sap to create 1 gallon of syrup. Now, that's a lot of cooking!
  • Tapping does not harm the tree. In fact, some trees are over 50 years old and still producing!
  • Ten states produce maple syrup and WI is the 4th largest with 660,000 taps and 155,000 gallons of syrup reported to the USDA in 2011.
  • WI averages the shortest season at 28 days and Vermont the longest at 36 days.
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